Associating with deaf people can change your attitude.

During the interaction between hearing and deaf, there is a barrier when it comes to communication. Negative attitudes are one of the causes or, maybe they hesitate to open up to a deaf person.

Hearing people’s negative attitudes against deaf people can be a barrier to healthy social and emotional development, social integration and academic, and career success. To integrate the deaf individuals in the mainstream society, proper knowledge of the deaf individuals and their day-to-day life and challenges contributes to an understanding and positive interactions among deaf individuals. Negative attitudes towards deaf individuals create and perpetuated by societal beliefs and behavior that assume the superiority of hearing over the deaf. Even today, we base the societal system of the advantage of hearing ability and speech.

"Thankfully, I had a few friends from my childhood who understood my situation and helped me when I could understand nothing."

Early awareness of the deaf culture, lifestyle, and communication methods creates a positive attitude changes in hearing people. For instance, in the educational setting, in the primary classes until high school, the teachers were unaware of how to teach a deaf student. They just left me to handle everything on my own. Thankfully, I had a few friends from my childhood who understood my situation and helped me when I could understand nothing. The above incident shows that more familiarity and contact with deaf individuals create healthy social and emotional development. The parent’s and elders’ influence strongly influences the deaf child’s future and his/her attitude of independent living, education, and employment.

For communicating with a deaf person, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Each deaf individual has his or her own unique set of communication needs and preferences. If the society knows about the assistive device that deaf people wear and their purpose and limits, it would make the deaf people interact easily. Awareness of deaf culture is a must, regardless of age or gender, so the people, in general, can understand the needs of deaf people. It creates a more positive attitude and makes the integration of deaf individuals into mainstream society easier.


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