Deaf and Independence

Every parent wonders if their Deaf child has a chance of being independent. They will do things on their own without depending on anyone. Your child can be independent one day, but only if your child has had a proper upbringing, a healthy attitude, and an accepting society.

Proper upbringing is a must-have a healthy attitude towards life. From a young age, the child has had a supportive family who pushed their child to do well. To integrate your child into society, it is a lifelong commitment or process. You can drive your child to strive better and change people’s attitudes towards Deaf people. However, I have noted that it’s a one-side process since the other should also work towards transforming their stances towards deaf people rather than bring up our disabilities.

In my adolescent years, there were times I was so afraid to speak to anyone and depended on my family members to speak or answer questions directed to me. Then one day I realized that to get my voice heard. I would have to speak out and get people to notice me. Everything does not become better overnight as I struggled off and to improve my speech and gain confidence.

If you make a mistake or something goes wrong. Deal with it, access it, learn from it, and move on. Don’t dwell on it.

Raising a child to be independent is easy, but raising a child with the right attitude is different. It has to come from within the child itself. During the adolescent years, I felt frustrated at myself for lacking the sense to hear. Later on, I realized that it is up to me to accept who I am as it is futile to change the mindset of cruel or ignorant people. I can either use my strengths or improve on my weaknesses.

You can either have the attitude to love and improve yourself. Some children might have it easy, while others might have it tough. But somehow one day you will get there. It’s a matter of learning from this experience and adjusting as you go in life. At present, my attitude in life is to deal as it comes. If you make a mistake or something goes wrong. Deal with it, access it, learn from it, and move on. Don’t dwell on it. Always focus on the positives and take a lesson from the bad experiences. As a plus point, you can speak about them or share and make a difference in society through whatever means that you can use effectively.

By influencing a deaf child’s attitude to live independently. Today, unfortunately, the view of the dominant hearing culture has resigned deaf people to social categories such as handicapped and differently-abled. The hearing people themselves are not aware of the exclusion of the deaf individual except for a very few people who are exposed to a deaf family member or friend. However, deaf people disabled more by their transactions with the hearing world than by the origin of their hearing impairment.

To have an accepting society, every one of us should educate ourselves about all kinds of disabilities and make accommodations if needed. Interacting with one another without any difference or judgment is crucial. The wheel is turning and churning, and the change is coming slowly. One day it would be a full-fledged society where every one of us can live peacefully.


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