Cochlear Update amidst Covid19

As the pandemic reached every corner of the world, most of the countries were on lockdown. In Sri Lanka, while the international airport, universities, schools, and businesses had to close for the safety of the people residing in the country. Unfortunately, the audiologist's office had to be closed. It continues to this day.

In the meanwhile, I was given tasks to do myself. One was the breathing exercise. I have had my struggles and kept going. You all must be wondering how far I have come in terms of listening. I am shocked and surprised at myself. You will soon come to know why.

For the first time, amidst a busy schedule, I had plenty of time dedicated to improving my listening skills. I practiced listening through headphones by using short videos related to my course. As I observed, over time, I could identify words and familiar phrases. But it was a slow process. I thought, why not try in another language? So I started listening to short videos in Arabic. After several tries, I could understand the words, pitch, and grasp them quickly.

There were instances when my uncle or cousins recited a Surah, commonly known as Surah Fatiha. I could grasp what they were saying compared to English. Even if I focused on them in the middle, I could pinpoint which verse they were reciting. That surprised me because it was the first time listening to it. I was not expecting me to understand another language, let alone hear without lipreading.

When I reported my observations to my speech therapist, she was shocked. She told me that Arabic is one of the hard languages for pronunciation, and it is impressive that I could grasp it immediately compared to English. It could also be taken as a sign that my hearing has improved.


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