Cochlear Update

Finally, after five months of lockdown, the country gearing back to normalcy. The school's reopening, people are going about their daily life momentarily forgetting all about Covid19 and social distancing. Last week, I had to report back to my speech therapist. We had a long chat about how I could do the task at home.

The speech therapist noted that I had improved in speaking and listening. In terms of listening, speech identification skills and detection skills have improved. In articulating, I converse less with a nasal sound, and my speech was clear than before. However, I had some challenges in maintaining the loudness. My pitch was not stable.

While recalling the auditory memory, I had difficulties in identifying the words that begin with 'f' and 't'. For instance, recognizing the numbers fifteen, fourteen, and twenty were challenging to identify.

After six long months, I had to do the seventh mapping. In the seventh mapping, the bass, treble, and master volume is set a little bit higher than the previous mapping. The audiologist increases the volume bit by bit because they do not overwhelm the cochlear implant user.

Last Saturday, I had to visit the doctor for a checkup, but I knew this checkup would be different due to the Covid19. The doctor was wearing a mask, and I was very nervous since he would ask questions without removing his mask. But thankfully, I answered his questions, and he was satisfied with my improvement.