Cochlear update

Three months later, I can hear more sounds, and the speech has become more distinct. But before I move on to the new mapping. I will mention a few events that occurred within the prior mapping.

To you, it may seem inconsequential, but to me, they were shocking since I did not know they could make a slight noise while it is quiet. I could hear the ticking of the clock, the dogs barking, and if anyone uses the washroom.

Before the cochlear implants. At midnight, I used to get hungry. So I would warm them in the microwave. A few minutes after the ping from the microwave oven. Mom or Dad would wake up and ask what I was doing. After the cochlear implants, I could hear the microwave oven being started from the hall. It astounded me that even the button makes sounds when pressed. Now, when I get hungry at midnight, I would press and pray that my parents do not wake up. I would take it out before the microwave oven pings.

To listen, I am progressing. I can identify most of the syllable sounds. Now I am working on the auditory discrimination of dha and tha. As I listen to people reading while having the paper, I can follow them. In terms of free speech, I can identify familiar words without looking at the lips. But it needs the practice to reach the level of where you do not have to look into the speaker’s lips.

In terms of speech, I can identify if I have mispronounced a word or a syllable sound. I have noticed that even though I can lipread, I could still misunderstand when someone talks. At present, with the cochlear, I can lipread and hear at the same time. In case if I cannot follow the reader’s lips. I depend on my hearing to give my cues to what that person says.

While using hearing aids, I could not deal with noisy surroundings. I used to switch off my hearing aids until I reach a comfortable place. Presently, with the cochlear, I can manage noisy places, and I listen to many sounds taking place in the environment.

In the current mappings, speech sounds are enhanced. I can recognize syllable sounds half the time. At present, I practice listening to words and simple phrases. I can point out and answer them without seeing the lips.

After the third update, I can hear different sounds simultaneously. For example, while I was waiting for my turn to do speech therapy. I could hear the clicking of the footsteps, the landline ringing, the paper crinkling beneath my hands, and people talking. With the hearing aids, I could only focus on one sound, but now I can hear different sounds at the same time.

A few days back, my family members wanted to see if I could listen through the landline. My cochlear has a telecoil feature. The telecoil feature allows the cochlear user to use the landline. When the receiver comes into contact with the cochlear, it reduces the background noises. The voice of the person speaking in the landline would be able to be heard clearly. In the second mapping, I attempted to listen through the Landline. It was not clear and muffled because I could not identify the words. I did not practice with a telecoil for a while. Recently, I thought of trying; I was so surprised I could hear my parents and siblings voice through the phone. I could even identify the words and phrases.

My next update will take place within six months. But I am free to change my program settings if I feel uncomfortable. So far, I’m satisfied with my cochlear settings.


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