3rd update (mapping and speech therapy)

In the last mapping, the cochlear was programmed to identify the environmental sounds. The cochlear was programmed to grasp and identify speech sounds. In the mapping sessions, the audiologist would ask if I am missing out on anything or the sounds I keep hearing.

After the mapping, I had to get used to the current program. At first, it would appear very loud and clear because the room is soundproof. But later on, the sound would be distorted and harsh. It took a minimum of one week to make sense of the sounds. At the lecturer, I could follow the lecture while he was reading out of a paper without seeing the lips. At that moment, I felt that this is it. Is this how it is supposed to be? But when the lecture freely talks, I could not make sense of the speech unless I looked at the lips.

I reported the observations to the speech therapist. She said I was able to follow the speech because I had a visual aid to help me understand where the lecture was reading from compared to the freestyle speech. To master the freestyle speech, I would have to distinguish the basic speech sounds starting from the syllable level to the words. If I could master the syllable level, I would be able to understand the words and speech.

I can recognize the familiar conversational phrases without looking at their lips.

In terms of speech, my articulation was good, but eight sounds were distorted when I uttered them. In the speech, my objective is to master all eight sounds. I’m also working on some breathing activities to help me with my pronunciation.

It has been one month since I had my last mapping. I can recognize the familiar conversational phrases without seeing their lips. In freestyle speech, I can identify some words and sentences. However, I feel that it is fragmented. So in that instance, I look at the speaker’s lips to make sense of the speech. One day, I will get there.

Slowly, I am mastering one sound in speech and two sounds in listening. It has been an amazing journey so far. My speech therapist knows where to push the limit. Despite my busy schedule, I will give all my effort to make this work.

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